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台風19号、主要空港機能回復も陸送に懸念 Typhoon No. 19, major airport function recovery concerns over land transport


Typhoon No. 19 caused record heavy rain and tremendous damage in various locations, but air cargo handling at major airports such as Narita and Haneda returned to normal as of October 15. Since the impact on the transportation network and lifeline around the airport was limited, the transportation to and from the cargo area resumed from the 13th, and trucks are coming and going actively after the 14th. On the other hand, in areas affected by river flooding, it may be difficult to collect and deliver by logistics companies. Some highways, such as Chuo Expressway, are closed, leaving concerns over land transportation, including bonded transfers between airports, such as delays due to traffic congestion.





2023年3月の日本発国際航空貨物取扱量フォワーダーランキングが明らかになった。1位は日本通運で18,3897㌧(前年同月比-26.9%)、2位は近鉄エクスプレスで12,433㌧(-25.8%)、3位は郵船ロジスティクスで9,162㌧(-37.6%)、4位は西日本鉄道国際物流事業本部(にしてつ)で3,705㌧ (-31.2%)、5位は阪急阪神エクスプレスで3,693㌧(-41.1%)だった。

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