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Kansai airport cargo terminal will fully resume by 2nd Dec.

All Nippon Airways' import cargo terminal, which had been slow to recover from Typhoon 21, will fully resume handling of cargo loads by December 2. As a result, the international cargo area at Kansai International Airport was nearly completely restored three months after the disaster. By the end of October, the company's import cargo terminal has been gradually restarted after repairing the roofs of its facilities. By mid-October, the company had resumed handling all its own cargo routes. However, the resumption of the handling of three of the six passenger flights from and from Kansai Airways was delayed. This was restarted by the end of October, and cargo shipments entrusted from ocean shipments are also being restarted in stages from a part of the time. The company said it will fully resume the handling of all three cargo carriers by December 2.






日本郵船は「世界のコンテナ輸送と就航状況 2022年版」の発刊に合わせ、報道関係者向けオンライン説明会を開催し、2022年のコンテナ荷動きの実績が「前年並みか前年割れ」になる見通しを示した。その上で、アジア発欧州・米国向けが9月以降に荷動きが急減するなど、今年は2021年から継続した荷動きの増加に減速感が強まったと指摘。荷動き減少に伴う運賃の下落基調の背景には、世界的なインフレによる消費減退やロシ

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