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Kansai airport cargo terminal will fully resume by 2nd Dec.

All Nippon Airways' import cargo terminal, which had been slow to recover from Typhoon 21, will fully resume handling of cargo loads by December 2. As a result, the international cargo area at Kansai International Airport was nearly completely restored three months after the disaster. By the end of October, the company's import cargo terminal has been gradually restarted after repairing the roofs of its facilities. By mid-October, the company had resumed handling all its own cargo routes. However, the resumption of the handling of three of the six passenger flights from and from Kansai Airways was delayed. This was restarted by the end of October, and cargo shipments entrusted from ocean shipments are also being restarted in stages from a part of the time. The company said it will fully resume the handling of all three cargo carriers by December 2.





2024年1月の日本発国際航空貨物取扱量フォワーダーランキングが明らかになった。1位は日本通運で13,890㌧(前年同月比+4.7%)、2位は郵船ロジスティクスで9,591㌧(+32.6%) 、3位は近鉄エクスプレスで8,729㌧(-14.5%)、4位は西日本鉄道国際物流事業本部(にしてつ)で3,057㌧ (-2.7%)、5位は阪急阪神エクスプレスで2,556㌧(-17.2%)だった。




2023年11月の日本発国際航空貨物取扱量フォワーダーランキングが明らかになった。1位は日本通運で16,753㌧(前年同月比-11.2%)、2位は郵船ロジスティクスで10,722㌧(+10.0%) 、3位は近鉄エクスプレスで10,422㌧(-13.0%)、4位は西日本鉄道国際物流事業本部(にしてつ)で3,309㌧ (-19.5%)、5位は阪急阪神エクスプレスで2,957㌧(-33.0%)だった。前

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