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On September 21, Nippon Cargo Airlines (NCA/KZ) announced that it would expand its fleet from the current two to four by early October. Since mid-June, the Company has stopped operations of all 11 aircraft owned by the Company and has confirmed their soundness, due to deficiencies in the maintenance records of its own aircraft, and two new aircraft have been checked. Currently, Narita-Shanghai Line and Narita-Hong Kong Line were in operation, but the third aircraft will be used from September 28 on the Ta-Chicago Line three flights a week. The fourth aircraft was also adjusted from the beginning of October to be launched on long-distance routes. In July, in response to an order from the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism for business and business improvement, the company announced that it would retire three of its 11 aircraft by the end of this fiscal year. Although this plan remains unchanged, for the time being, the company will promptly check the soundness of all 11 aircraft in order to resume operations, and plan to resume operations one by one. At the end of this month, a flight operation plan will be formulated and announced after the winter schedule from the end of October.






オーシャン・ネットワーク・エクスプレス(ONE)は、ソニーグループと共同で、スマートコンテナソリューションを開発する。ONEにとってコンテナの可視性が向上し、輸送も効率化し、より迅速かつ積極的な意思決定が可能になるという。それによると、ONEはソニーグループ傘下のSony Network Communications Europeと提携し、同ソリューションの開発を共同で行う。顧客企業にも、輸送中の

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