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航空フォワーダーのGW対応、稼働日縮小を検討  Air forwarders are considering reducing working days during Golden Week


Ahead of Golden Week, air forwarders are busy keeping track of demand during the same period. Although many forwarders plan to respond as usual to terminal sites such as Narita, due to the reduction in air cargo space due to the spread of the new coronavirus infection and the decline in demand due to the government's declaration of an emergency, From the perspective of preventive measures, we are making adjustments to reduce the number of attendance staff to the necessary minimum. Some major forwarders are also considering reducing working days and business hours. Currently, we are calling for early reservations, inquiries, and consultations from customer shippers.




郵船ロジスティクスは、ベルギーでヘルスケア物流サービスを手掛ける3社を買収した。3社はGroup Pierre傘下のAjimex、Transport Pierre、Pierre Logisticsで、いずれもヘルスケア物流を強みとした事業を展開する。Ajimex、Transport Pierreは医療、医薬品の輸送品質基準であるGDP認証を取得しており、グローバルで温度管理された出荷管理、輸送を専

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