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中国・香港発航空貨物運賃、最大5倍 Air freight fares from China and Hong Kong, up to 5 times


Spot fares for air cargo departing from China and Hong Kong are soaring. At the airports of Shanghai and Hong Kong, prices seem to be 2-5 times higher than in the past, depending on the destination as of the latter half of last week. It is said that prices in Asia such as Japan, Korea, Taiwan and ASEAN tend to rise more than long-haul routes. The spread of pneumonia caused by the new coronavirus has significantly reduced the berry space of passenger flights to and from China.According to the end of the fiscal year for Japanese companies, the accelerated air shift of shipping services is also thought to be the cause of the price rise. Can be The squeeze in supply has made short-term bookings more difficult, and it appears that charter flights are being considered, primarily for large customers.







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