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阪神阪急エクスプレス、新型肺炎対応について発表 Hanshin Hankyu Express announces new pneumonia response


On January 29, Hankyu Hanshin Express announced a response to a new type of coronavirus infection. The company established the Emergency Response Headquarters on January 27, headed by the President. In addition to ensuring the safety of employees and their families, the company collects information on freight transportation to and from China and disseminates it in a timely manner. Following the Lunar New Year holidays, the local subsidiaries in China are scheduled to resume business at locations in China other than Wuhan, Shanghai, Suzhou and Guangzhou, according to the notice of the State Council from February 3. The Wuhan branch will be closed for the time being and the staff will be working from home. In addition, the Shanghai and Guangzhou areas are scheduled to reopen on February 10, and the Suzhou area is scheduled to resume on February 9. Air and sea transportation will temporarily stop accepting incoming and outgoing cargo in Wuhan, but other areas in China will accept them as usual.





中国・上海のロックダウン(都市封鎖解消)に伴い、空港の貨物輸送量は持続的に回復し、主な航空物流企業の貨物輸送量は既に平常時の8割まで回復している。 上海浦東国際空港(PVG)の約半分の貨物輸送を担うチャイナ・カーゴ(CKK/CK) は上海発着の貨物便を754便運航し、輸送貨物は合計で1万6924㌧と、前年同期比で127.6%増加した。


中国・上海市のロックダウン(都市封鎖)に続き、江蘇省蘇州市などで移動制限が始まった。 中国各地で感染流入阻止を目的に、貨物トラックの運転手にPCR検査や一定期間の強制隔離などを求める動きが広がっているため、 物流網寸断が加速し、工場の操業停止が一段と増える恐れがある。現に上海市内では、ソニーグループや味の素が工場を停止している。経済の急減速を回避するため、中国政府は生産再開に向けて円滑な物流の確保



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