Hitachi Logistics and AIT announced a alliance.

On October 10, Hitachi Logistics and AIT announced a capital and business alliance.

As of March 1, AIT and Hitachi Logistics Subsidiary Nisshin Transportation will exchange shares, and AIT will become a wholly owned parent company and Nisshin Transportation will enter into the company.

Hitachi Logistics, which utilizes M&A mainly for 3PL to expand comprehensive logistics, and AIT which is a major NVOCC company in Japan-China shipping routes, are working together to provide services that combine forwarding and 3PL in a more advanced manner.

In addition, the Company will strengthen its earnings base through the platform for apparel and general cargo logistics, and strengthen its marketing capabilities through collaboration in the non-apparel and non-general cargo fields.




近鉄エクスプレス(KWE)は、同社が保有するインド・Gati-Kintetsu Express(GKE)の全株式を、合弁相手であるAllcargo Logistics(AGL) に譲渡する。近鉄エクスプレスは、GKEを介してAGLと合弁でインドでの国内物流ビジネスを獲得し、コア事業であるフォワーディング事業の拡大を目指してきたが、今後の市場動向や事業環境等を慎重に検討し、合弁先と協議を重ねた結果、