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KWE air exports decreased in 2018 Sep.

In September, Kintetsu World Express Japan air exports is 12,649 tons (7.2% down compared with the same month of the previous year) . Typhoon No.21 reduced the space for departure and arrival at Kansai International Airport and reduced production by some shippers. Until August, it had been over the previous year for the 28th consecutive month. By direction, TC1,3 decreased and only TC2 increased. The number of shippers exporting to Asian markets, such as electronic and electric machinery-related industries, was large in the Kansai region, resulting in a two-digit decline in the number of shippers exported to TC3. In the TC2 market, the U.K., where automobile-related products were strong, was the driving force behind the increase.




郵船ロジスティクスは、ベルギーでヘルスケア物流サービスを手掛ける3社を買収した。3社はGroup Pierre傘下のAjimex、Transport Pierre、Pierre Logisticsで、いずれもヘルスケア物流を強みとした事業を展開する。Ajimex、Transport Pierreは医療、医薬品の輸送品質基準であるGDP認証を取得しており、グローバルで温度管理された出荷管理、輸送を専

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