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株式会社Lean Energy(以下、LE社)は2023年7月~9月分を反映した航空貨物運賃の推移を発表した。当インデックスはLE社が展開する国際物流プラットフォームe-Bid Freightで実施されている入札データ、並びにその他外部ソースを活用して、LE社が独自に算出したものである。

TC3 to TC1

Airfreight to North America in Q3 2023 entered a new phase, reversing and heading higher for the first time in about six months. E-commerce from China to...

TC3 to TC2

Airfreight rates from Asia Pacific to Europe also reversed due to high cargo demands to North America. Some e-commerce cargo from...

Japan to TC3

Airfreight rates from Japan to Asia Pacific also began to rise. While there was not much change in the upper range, fares increased to about double in the middle range...

TC3 to Japan

Airfreight for Japan inbound cargo also reversed to rise. Some e-commerce cargo from China to North America were routed through Japan, which had caused decline of space...

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Index calculation method

  • This index was calculated originally by LE using the bidding data conducted by LE's international logistics platform e-Bid Freight and other external sources.

  • TC1,2,3 are based on the regional divisions defined by IATA, TC1 refers to the Americas (North America, Central America, South America), TC2 refers to Europe, the Middle East, African Continent, and TC3 refers to Asia.

  • The index is calculated based on the total amount of Airfreight plus Fuel Surcharge and Security Surcharge.

  • Upper range is high price range, Midrange is median range, lower range is low price range

  • 2020 2Q (April-June 2020) is the time to expand COVID19 and may be omitted due to lack of valid data.

  • Middle range of 2020 1Q is set 1 as an indicator for each index





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